22 knowledge points of heat conduction oil heater

1. The heating method of the heat conduction oil heater is: heat conduction heating

2. Keywords about heat conduction oil furnace:

Heat conduction oil heater, heat conduction oil heater, heat conduction oil electric heater, electric heat conduction oil heater.

3. The conversion success rate of heat transfer oil furnace 10,000 kcal/hour is: 10,000 kcal/hour = 11.63KW

4. Which two systems are the thermal oil furnace composed of: heating system and control system

5. The density of heat transfer oil is: 0.89g/cm.

6. The specific heat capacity of the heat transfer oil is: 0.76KJ/(kg·℃)

7. The design temperature of the heat-conducting oil furnace is: 0-350℃

8. The cylinder diameter is 150*1200, what size pipe flange should be equipped: DN150

9. What are the main brands of electrical components for my company’s heat-conducting oil furnace with a control cabinet?

Chint (commonly used), Schneider, People’s Electric, Changjiang Electric, Delixi

10. The thickness of the insulation layer of the heating cylinder in the heat-conducting oil furnace is: 00mm, and the insulation material is: aluminum silicate rock wool.

11. What is the working principle of the thermal oil furnace:

The oil is heated by the electric heating pipe, the circulating pump forces the heat transfer oil to circulate in the liquid phase, and the heat is transferred to one or more oil-using equipment. After heating, the oil is returned to the heater through the circulating pump, and then the heat is absorbed and transferred to the user. The oil equipment, repeating in this way, realizes the continuous transfer of heat, increases the temperature of the heated object, and meets the heating process requirements.

12. The heating medium of the pipeline heater includes: gas and liquid.

13. What are the two types of pipeline heaters: vertical and horizontal.

14. What are the keywords about pipe heaters?

Water pipe heaters, gas pipe heaters, liquid pipe heaters, nitrogen pipe heaters, inert gas heaters, etc.

15. For pipe heaters, the heating temperature generally exceeds how many degrees, and the inner chamber material needs to be made of stainless steel: 300 degrees.

16. The flow of water is 5m/h, the outlet temperature is 60°C, and the inlet temperature is 20°C. Please design the power of the pipe heater?


18. The formula for calculating heater power?

Power (kw) = [(specific heat capacity (kJ/(kg*℃))*volume (m)*density (kg/m)*temperature difference (℃)/(863*time (h)]*1.1~1.2

19. The heat transfer oil pump with a motor power of 4KW, the pump head is: 30m; the flow rate is: 12.5m/h

20. The function of the expansion tank in the heat-conducting oil furnace system is:

The heat transfer oil will expand due to thermal expansion during the heating process, and its volume will become larger. At this time, the extra oil will enter the expansion tank. Prevent the heat-conducting oil furnace from exploding due to excessive pressure.

21. Thermal oil components:

Circulating pump, flange heater, shell, expansion tank, pressure gauge, control system, shut-off valve, filter

22. The main application scope of heat conduction oil furnace?

Chemical machinery, medical equipment, military aerospace, heating of rare materials, oven modification, air duct modification, oil field refinery and other fluid medium heating, various water and process water heating, inert gas heating.

Post time: Jun-23-2021