When using mechanical equipment lubricants, the following points should be noted

Mechanical equipment lubricants refer to special lubricants used for large-scale excavation machinery, hoisting machinery and other large-scale machinery and equipment. Lubricating oil can effectively reduce equipment wear, improve equipment operating efficiency, and save materials and energy. When using lubricating oil in mechanical equipment, you should know some precautions, avoid common misunderstandings, and make daily maintenance of lubricating oil more effective. Lubrication is not as simple as adding oil, it is only one part of the lubrication.
1. Consult a lubrication expert, use appropriate specifications of lubricating oil, and minimize the type of oil used.

2. For each machine, a simple illustration shows the parts that need to be refueled, the name of the oil, the refueling cycle, etc. (a person should be responsible to avoid using the wrong oil).

3. Make a record of mechanical maintenance in time after adding or changing lubricating oil every time.

4. The name of the oil contained in each type of lubricating oil container should be marked to prevent contamination.

5. The maintenance of the lubricating filter system plays a very important role in maintaining the quality of the lubricating oil and prolonging the effective use time of the lubricating oil. A filter system with good technical condition can filter out 80%-90% of mechanical impurities in the lubricating oil. , To reduce wear by 30%-40%.

Lubricating oil has the functions of lubrication, cooling, rust prevention, etc. It is inseparable from the operation of various types of automobiles and mechanical equipment. When using mechanical equipment lubricants, it is necessary to be reasonable and correct to ensure the normal operation of mechanical equipment, so that production and economic benefits are improved.

Post time: May-06-2021