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This product is suitable for electronic computers and automation connection cables with a rated voltage of 500v and below that require high interference resistance.
Computer cable
The edge adopts K-type b-type low-density polyethylene with oxidation resistance. Polyethylene has high insulation resistance, good withstand voltage, low dielectric coefficient and low dielectric loss temperature and variable frequency. It can not only meet the requirements of transmission performance, but also ensure the service life of the cable.
In order to reduce the mutual crosstalk and external interference between loops, the cable adopts a shielded structure. Cable shielding requirements are adopted according to different occasions: pair-pair combined shielding, pair-twisted total shielding of the cable, total shielding after pair-pair combined shielding, etc.
There are three types of shielding materials: round copper wire, copper tape, aluminum tape/plastic composite tape. The shielding pair and the shielding pair have good insulation performance. If the potential difference between the shielding pair and the shielding pair occurs during the use of the cable, the signal transmission quality will not be affected.
Technical Parameters
Product rated voltage (u0/u): 300/500v
Long-term working temperature is 70℃
When laying, the ambient temperature is not lower than: -40℃ for fixed laying, -15℃ for non-fixed laying
Minimum bending radius: non-armored layer should not be less than 6 times the outer diameter of the cable, and cable with armored layer should not be less than 12 times the outer diameter of the cable
Insulation resistance should not be less than 2500mω·km after stable charging with DC 500v voltage test at 20℃ for 1min
There should be a continuous path between each pair of twisted shields and between the paired shields and the total shield.
The cable core and the core and between the shielding should withstand 50hz, AC 2000v voltage test for 5min without breakdown

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