Power Cable 32

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Use characteristics

1. The highest rated temperature of the cable conductor is 90°C. When a short circuit (the longest duration does not exceed 5S), the highest

The temperature does not exceed 250°C.

2. The ambient temperature when laying the cable should not be lower than 0°C

3. Allowable bending radius during laying: single-core cable is not less than 15 times the outer diameter of the cable; multi-core cable is not less than 10 times the outer diameter of the cable.

Model name usage conditions

Model\Name\Conditions of Use

YJV YJLV copper\(aluminum) core cross-linked PVC insulated and sheathed power cables are laid\in indoors, in channels and pipes, and can also be buried in loose soil, and cannot withstand external forces.

YJV22 YJLV22\Copper (aluminum) core cross-linked PVC steel tape armored sheathed power cable\ is laid underground and can withstand external mechanical forces, but cannot withstand large tensile forces

YJV32 YJLV32\Copper (aluminum) core XLPE insulated thin steel wire armored PVC sheathed power cable\Suitable for high drop areas, the cable can withstand external mechanical forces and considerable tension

2YJV cable specification range

YJV XLPE insulated cables are widely used in functions and applications, such as the lack of power in the western region and the development of beautiful rural aerial cables from underground low-voltage AC cables (cross-linked polyethylene insulated cables). PVC cable materials, PVC cables, plastic insulated power cables are divided into the following low voltage transformers connected to the equipment low voltage cables, XLPE cables three-layer co-extruded high voltage power cables are suitable for the transformation and construction of underground power grids in rural areas. The connection medium. PVC power cables VV, VV22, VVP, VVR, cross-linked.

power cable

YJV cable, cable YJV22, YJV32 cable.

Flame retardant cable


Fire-resistant wire and cable


Control Cable

The temperature of the PVC insulated PVC sheathed cable for monitoring circuits and protection circuits is 70 degrees Celsius. It is divided into copper wire shielded cables, plastic control cables, the full name of PVC insulated and sheathed control cables. The implementation standard is GB9330-86. It is suitable for the control of AC rated voltage 750V and below. Copper tape shielded cable, armored cable, flame-retardant control cable or fire-resistant performance.

PVC control cable


Flame retardant wire and cable

ZRKVV, ZRKVV ZRKVV22. Control shielded cable KVVP, KVVRP KVVRP 2 times, KVVP22 fire-resistant cable NHKVV NHKVV22. Rubber sheathed cables are divided into high-voltage rubber sheathed cables and 750V general rubber sheathed flexible cables. Uses: high-voltage rubber-sheathed flexible cables with AC rated voltages of 6kV and below, mobile power distribution devices, mining machinery, lifting and transporting machinery. Low-voltage rubber-sheathed flexible cables are suitable for household appliances, power tools and various mobile electrical equipment with AC rated voltages of 750V and below. There are three types of cables: light, medium and heavy.

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