Graphite Calcium grease

Short Description:

Sunshow Compound grease
Good water resistance, good mechanical stability and colloidal stability

Product model:  *-20℃~120℃

Product material: grease

Product size: 208L, 20L, 16L,4L, 1L, 250g

Product color: Customized according to customer needs

Product features: Effective lubrication, extending mechanical life

Company:  piece


Product Detail

Performance characteristics:

It has good water resistance and can maintain normal lubrication in the presence of moisture and water,and has a good protective effect on metal surfaces.

Has excellent shear stability.

Adding phosphor flake graphite can import the scratch resistance of the metal surface and reduce the friction coefficient.

Applicable equipment:

Suitable for lubrication of high-load and low-speed friction parts such as calender herringbone gears,automobile spings,crane gear wheels,mining machinery,winches and steel wires

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