Bearing grease

Short Description:

Sunshow Compound grease
Good water resistance, good mechanical stability and colloidal stability

Product model:  *-20℃~120℃

Product material: grease

Product size: 208L, 20L, 16L,4L, 1L, 250g

Product color: Customized according to customer needs

Product features: Effective lubrication, extending mechanical life

Company:  piece


Product Detail

Performance characteristics:

The soap fiber structure of the thickener is reasonable and evenly distributed,and it can maintain good structural characteristics of the grease under the action of shearing force

The cleanliness of the grease is high,which can effectively reduce the vibration value of the bearing

Good anti-rust performance,can prevent rust during bearing operation

Applicable equipment:

Suitable for the lubrication of rolling bearings of small and medium-sized motors and other low-load equipment

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