High temperature grease

Short Description:

Sunshow High temperature grease
Lowest mechanical stress under high load, good wear resistance, super lubrication

Product model:  *-20℃~180℃

Product material: grease

Product size: 208L, 20L, 16L,4L, 1L, 250g

Product color: Customized according to customer needs

Product features: Effective lubrication, extending mechanical life

Company:  piece

Product Detail

High temperature grease is generally a synthetic grease, containing high concentration of PTFE lubricating particles, high temperature and pressure resistance, suitable for high temperature and heavy load equipment, this fluorine high temperature grease is specially used in high temperature, high load, and chemically corrosive environments The bearings and parts that require lifetime lubrication have excellent chemical inertness, durability and low volatility. Applicable temperature range: -50~+280℃.

※ Excellent high temperature performance and oxidation stability, prevent high temperature deterioration of grease, and ensure long-term normal operation of lubricating parts at high temperature;

※ Excellent adhesion performance, good mechanical stability and colloidal stability, to ensure that it will not be lost in the lubricated part;

※ Good lubricity, protect the bearing and reduce wear; Excellent comprehensive performance, ensure a long service life of the bearing;

※ Good oil film strength and load capacity;

※ Very little oil separation, super extreme pressure resistance characteristics;

※ It will not dry out or form harmful impurities under high temperature and high load.

Suitable for lubrication of various bearings, gears, chains and other transmission mechanical parts in high temperature environments; suitable for metallurgy, mining, oil fields, machinery, steel mills, transportation and other industries under high temperature, heavy load, humidity and other harsh conditions. Lubrication of bearings and gears; especially suitable for high temperature bearings, such as: auxiliary boiler rotating nozzle bearings of large chemical plants, plastic extruder sleeve bearings, cracking furnace induced draft fans, regeneration gas compressors, etc. Lubrication of rolling bearings and sliding bearings of various machinery with higher speeds working at high temperatures, such as web machines, hot melt fans, heat setting drying chambers, baking machines, and high-temperature dyeing cylinders.

When using, clean the lubricated parts; do a plastic compatibility test, and only use it when it is compatible; store in a cool and dry place to avoid mixing of moisture and impurities to affect product quality.

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