Compound grease

Short Description:

Sunshow Compound grease
Good water resistance, good mechanical stability and colloidal stability

Product model:  *-20℃~120℃

Product material: grease

Product size: 208L, 20L, 16L,4L, 1L, 250g

Product color: Customized according to customer needs

Product features: Effective lubrication, extending mechanical life

Company:  piece

Product Detail

Performance characteristics:

Excellent high temperature resistance, the grease is not easy to lose when the friction part is at a higher temperature, effectively prolonging the service life of the machine;

Excellent fluidity to ensure the pumpability of grease;

Good extreme pressure and anti-wear performance to meet the lubrication requirements of high load or shock load equipment;

Good oxidation stability ensures a long service life during the use of grease.

Applicable equipment:

Lubrication of high temperature friction parts of high temperature and heavy load equipment in metallurgical industry, large motors, hot oil pump bearings and other mechanical equipment

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